Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eskalon B

Eskalon the layout isn't finished yet though we are in the period of stability with much of the layout done. Now my attention is turning to a possible second layout, Eskalon B. This would be a small end to end industrial layout (110 x 20cm) which would fit nicely atop a bookcase next to Eskalon A! The B layout, if i build it, would be HOe scale too as this would allow me to use A to run trains in though i have been looking at TT scale too.

This is an early plan for the layout, despite a small size quite a nice little layout would be made i think, the siding on the far right would go into a backscene.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The gas station

Presenting the latest building on Eskalon a Piko kit of a Shell petrol station. Now all we need are some cars on the layout. I'm not sure where exactly the station will be located on the layout yet, it will be in this general area but may change orientation slightly. The kit is almost finished, just needs a bit of painting.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Media day

Now we seem to be finally getting somewhere with operating this layout i thought i'd take some good quality photos with my DSLR.  In other news a new building should be arriving soon.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Breaking up the passenger train

One reason i needed to find a solution to the coupling issue was that i have split up the passenger train and now both locos can haul a coach each. This adds some more fun to operation which otherwise can become a bit dull if the same locos are always hauling the same stock!

Coupling part 3

As previous posts have described Eskalon is great... apart from the simple business of keeping the trains connected to each other! Using the semi-permanent bar works for push-pull operations but it does mean that one loco is tied up with 1 duty as uncoupling the loco from the train means lifting from the track.

The design flaw in the D13/D16 model means the hook coupler keeps catching on the end of the loco which makes operations difficult and to honest i have become so frustrated i've begun thinking of ditching the layout and starting again in a different scale...

But lets try one final gambit. If the hook couplers keep catching on the loco why not make them a bit longer... So i have thanks to a couple of butchered coupling bars and a bit of superglue! The modified couplers seem to work great both in pushing and pulling passenger trains. They stick out a bit far but as long as i can enjoy some train operation without trains becoming detached or derailed i'm cool with that.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our new waggon

Eskalon gained a new waggon today. A nice box van, it will join the little freight train which D16 is currently diagrammed to haul.