HOe Fleet

Weklok Nr 5 "Maria"
The latest addition to the fleet is this little shunter, another Liliput 0-4-0 and also with a flashing light!

Werklok Nr 2 "Percy"
Joining the fleet in early 2017 was this little shunter, a Liliput 0-4-0 complete with flashing light!

1099.013-3 "Jam Sandwich"

Joining the fleet in Autumn 2014 was this OBB Rh 1099 electric locomotive built by Roco. The layout does not have any catenary and none is planned so its best just to imagine... Because its (kind) of red and white we've nicknamed it the Jam Sandwich.

D13 "Growler"

D13, a Liliput model of a Zillertalbahn diesel-hydraulic locomotive, joined in Spring 2014. Capable of hauling passenger and freight trains no problem! See the original here. It makes a bit of noise at low speed so its been nicknamed Growler!

D16 "Falcon"

The locomotive that started the model railway project off in early 2013. Like D13 it is a diesel-hydraulic locomotive modelled by Liliput though in a blue falcon livery, hence its nickname of "Falcon". See the original here. Falcon is the flagship of the fleet though is currently in reserve.

17 "Plymouth"

Arriving at Eskalon late 2013 to handle traffic from the mines which were supposed to somewhere nearby is this Minitrains model of a Plymouth diesel switcher. The mine traffic idea was discarded now and Plymouth handled departmental trains and the odd trip working instead. Plymouth has now gone into semi-retirement after the arrival of Werklok Nr 2.