Thursday, May 25, 2017

Locomotive #6

Its time for a new loco! Maria is another Liliput shunter, this time in blue. Running in went fine and now Maria can join Percy and the others working on Mäusestadt. Having the new loco means Falcon can have a break as i'm only going to run 2 mainline engines and 2 shunters at any one time. Yes its time for fleet rotation...

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Adding load

Two of Mäusestadt's open wagons are currently in the workshop having loads fitted and also i'm trying a bit of weathering. It doesn't look too bad, its always very easy to go a bit OTT but i think i've just managed to avoid that. They'll return to the layout soon.

First completed model of 2017!

Project #074 a Jet Provost has been completed (bar the varnishing). Its the first aeroplane i've done "wheels up" for a change (i have done another Jet Provost before wheels down). I might hang it from the ceiling as shelf space is at such a premium now!