Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Falcon's return

Falcon has made a return to the layout to do some running in. Over the next few weeks all of the HOe locos will get a bit of running as its been 8 months now since the switch to N. Now as you know i have been planning a new end-to-end HOe layout. I also have been thinking of a new loop layout with a new board next year.

But then i had an idea... why not get a new board now and build a new joint N/HOe layout. The track layout and clearances could be designed to be be fine for both and the scenery is easy to do so it suits both sizes. All that needs to change are the rolling stock of course and buildings (plus a few odds and ends) which wouldn't take long to change. Maybe we could share the new layout with the 2 fleets, with changeovers every 3 months? Well its an idea...

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A cause for concern

The DMU picked up a bit of a flutter last night, running a bit jerkily and then making a bit of noise. I put a bit of oil on it and gave it an extended run and all seems fine now, maybe just a bit of dirt had got into the system. I hope that it is solved now, i did try and remove the body shell last night off the power car but had little joy.

In other news i think a new loco will come next month, its time! I've also begun some serious planning for the new HOe layout which will be an end-to-end layout with a fiddleyard. Current plans are for a board thats 130x32cm.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

New arrivals

Some new arrivals at Knell Lane yesterday, principally a new coach (a BCK) which has now formed a loco-hauled coaching stock train with one of the CEP's coaches (it can have it back in a few months when we get another coach) and the CCV. The Class 25 now has a passenger train to haul... though to be honest we probably do need a new locomotive now. Also arriving a "gents" for the platform and a bus, as well as a couple of building kits.