Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New arrivals

While planning continues for Project #1004 we still have #1002 and #1003 to look after too! A few weeks ago a new wagon for Knell Lane arrived. A Railfreight open wagon. I love this wagon so much i've ordered another one...

Also arriving at Knell Lane a couple of British Rail vehicles. A crew van and a flatbed lorry.

Finally for Mausstadt a new platform shelter. This replaces the station building i was trying to repurpose as it was just too big for the space available.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Project #1004

Next year i am going to remake the Knell Lane N gauge layout with a new board, a new concept and new track (the existing layout re-used the track from Eskalon and its getting a bit worn). This will be Project #1004 and will be Knell Lane 2.0. I'm thinking of moving away from loops and having a "U" shaped layout with a back scene and a terminus station. Until then the existing Knell Lane (Project #1002) is running fine. The Lima 31 looks good on the storage siding though its a shame it doesn't seem to be able to get it running well enough to use. I am thinking of removing the engine from one of the Lima 31s and using it as a "dummy" loco for double headers.

Mausstadt scenery

I've made a start on the "green" area of the Mausstadt layout. It will be mainly to add a bit of depth (or the illusion there of anyway). Already its starting to look ok though i need to add some more layers to the scenery. I'm also looking again at the station, i think the building is just a little bit too large so i need to think about something else.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Mausstadt progress

The new HOe layout is coming along well, a "stone" wall is now being erected over the foamboard backing. I'm trying to layer it with scenery to add to the illusion the layout is bigger than it really is. A platform for the station has also been built, also out of foamboard. Its been wrapped in newspaper and will be painted of course! As can be seen the back scene is now pretty well hidden though some more work needs to be done on the tunnel mouth.

Before the newspaper was added

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Coach and bread

Some new arrivals at Knell Lane, a new coach so the loco hauled service can now be 3 carriages long and also a bread van. We've also got a little tractor. Not much is happening on the layout apart from some running.