Friday, August 21, 2015

Options for change

The Eskalon board has been moved slightly allowing slightly easier access to the far side of the layout and there has been plenty of operational running. However thoughts now turn to the future of the layout and there seem to be 3 options for the Eskalon project:

1) Continue things as they are, continual refinement and updates. There is a possibility of a small extension in the board which would allow for some extra sidings. A refresh of the scenery is also planned for next year.

2) Start again with a new board and "learning from the mistakes". Eskalon 2.0 would have a similar but modified track layout and of course use the same stock and most of the scenery/buildings.

3) Completely starting again with a new layout and moving away from HOe to (probably) N gauge.

To be honest #3 would be expensive and i've never really liked N that much so is unlikely to be the path taken. #2 would also be a bit of a hassle and expensive but would solve a lot of problems with the layout. I'll think about what to do anyway and make a decision later in the year...

Thursday, August 20, 2015


The latest model project, project #065 a De Havilland Vampire, has finally been completed after a lot of delay. There always does seem to be a lull in model making in the high summer and it was compounded this year by some house improvements which took up time. But anyway its now done and looking good.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Operations update

Nothing much has happened scenery wise since the last update but there has been a lot of operational running. Some photos from which are below: